Green Statement

Design Options recognizes the importance of controlling our manufacturing process with the delicate condition of our environment constantly in mind. Manufacturing techniques are continuously reviewed to avoid possible harm to the land, sea and air

The Design Options manufacturing process combines several processes friendly to the environment.

Hazardous Waste Management:

  • Powder Paint Process: Powder coat painting process results in significant hazard waste reduction because pre-paint and clean-up solvents have been eliminated.
  • Fabrication Process: All fabrication steps have eliminated the use of solvents, oils or detergents that require special waste disposal requirements.

Control of Air Emissions:

  • Powder coat processes eliminates the expulsion of volatile organic compounds(VOCs) caused by liquid paint processes.


  • All steel fall-off is collected for reprocessing
  • All excess cardboard is collected for reprocessing.
  • All steel components in the finished product are recyclable.

Corrugated Cardboard:

  • All packaging that is not returnable to Design Options is recycled.
  • Bulk packaging that significantly reduces the amount of cardboard packaging is encouraged whenever possible.
  • Packaging practices are modified to minimize waste and save valuable resources.
  • All corrugated cardboard used to package purchased materials and supplies is accumulated and taken to a fiber recycler.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride):

  • The sides of our worksurfaces are finished with a t-mold PVC edging. The fall-off and shavings from the cutting process are sent to a plastic recycler.


  • All fabric trimmings from the manufacturing of our panels, screens and tackboards are sent to a fabric recycler.

Air Compressors:

  • All spent oil is sent to a recycler. Likewise, all aerosols and lead batteries are sent to the appropriate places for recycling or disposal.

Office Wastes:

  • All paper is recycled.
  • Cans and bottles discarded in our lunch room are collected and recycled.
  • All used computer equipment is disposed of accordingly for metals and plastic(ABS) recycling.
  • All empty photocopier and printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for refilling.